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Relationship Red Flags to Look Out For In Self-Isolation

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Isolating with your partner can be emotionally taxing, no matter what stage of the relationship you're in. Amidst the Netflix binge-watching sessions and banana bread-baking, some of those once-adorable quirks have the potential to turn into irritating distractions, chore responsibilities may start to slip, and the pressure of interacting with each other 24/7 could start to take a toll.

While some of these bad habits and behaviours can be curbed with a simple conversation, there are a variety of more serious patterns that may arise as you spend more time together, that could point to deeper issues in the relationship.

Picking up on "red flags" early is important — with limited access to friends, family and our regular support networks right now, letting problems brew could potentially lead to unsafe situations.

Confronting your relationship's faults can be difficult, but being transparent about how you're coping during this time is integral to your mental and emotional health.

Here are a few things to look out for to ensure you maintain a healthy relationship with your SO during these unprecedented times.

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