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5-Minute Yoga Flow For Back Tension From Yoga With Bird

If You Suffer From Back Tension or Pain, Get Relief With This 5-Minute Yoga Flow

Stress can manifest as tension in the shoulders and back, but you can also experience tightness from sitting at a desk and hunching in front of a computer screen or from lack of regular exercise. If this sounds familiar, try this five-minute yoga class from 200-hour-certified yoga teacher Francine Cipollone, known as Yoga With Bird. It includes six relaxing, spine-supporting poses such as seated side stretch, seated spinal twist, Cow and Cat, and Child's pose. Bird spends a lot of time in each pose, so you can really feel the effects of a looser spine and a calmer mind.

She told POPSUGAR that her inspiration behind sharing this video was "to offer a gentle practice that can bring movement to a part of the body that's often neglected." In this pandemic with so many people working from home, she said, "it's nice to have a quick fix of movement and a moment of mental stillness along with presence."

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