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Watch Annie Murphy Imitate Zooey Deschanel's Singing Voice

Annie Murphy Imitates Zooey Deschanel Singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside," and Baby, It's On Point

Don't let her off-key rendition of "A Little Bit Alexis" fool you — Annie Murphy actually has some impressive singing chops. The Schitt's Creek star recently blessed her Instagram followers with a rare at-home video in which her alter ego, Anny Morphee, covers "Baby, It's Cold Outside." It's not just any ol' cover though; she sings the holiday track while imitating Zooey Deschanel's distinctive voice as a nod to the actress's shower scene on Elf, and damn, did she nail it.

Before diving into the performance, Murphy — er, Morphee — shares a very Alexis Rose-worthy introduction, alluding to people "drinking nutmeg" (yes, the spice) while gathered around their fireplace. She provides a quick tutorial on how to mimic Deschanel's vocal tone before diving into the eerily spot-on cover. If you close your eyes and can tune out her hilariously arbitrary guitar string plucking, you'll likely think you're listening to Deschanel herself.

While sharing the funny video on Instagram, Murphy wrote, "My friend Anny Morphee, who is not me, wanted me to post her holiday cover of 'one of the least controversial and most beloved traditional Christmas Yuletide Carols of all time. Plus, who doesn't love a Zooey Deschanel classic?' Not sure how much of this I agree with, but she's been my main betch for years, so I have to support."

Despite what her caption jokingly says, the song is, in fact, controversial because of its suggestive lyrics, and it obviously wasn't originally written by Deschanel. Regardless, we can't get over the fact that Murphy is now sharing her singing skills with the world on a new Instagram account, @annyshitbedroom. We absolutely love this journey for her and can't wait to see who she emulates next.

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