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Watch Megan Thee Stallion Go Undercover on Social Media

Megan Thee Stallion Went Undercover on Social Media, and We Weren't Ready

Next time you ask a weird question about a celebrity online, you might want to be careful, as they could be secretly lurking. On Nov. 16's episode of GQ's "Actually Me" series, Megan Thee Stallion went undercover to answer fans' most pressing questions. As you can expect, Megan didn't hold anything back, even when someone asked the purpose of her telling a judge why she's a freak in "WAP." "I'm just letting y'all know, I will go say it in front of the judge. This is how true it is," Megan explained in the video. "I'll put my right hand on it."

Throughout the video, Megan answers questions from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Quora — jokingly calling the question website "Quinoa" as I've done on a number of occasions. Even Megan doesn't know why people are so offended by "WAP," saying, "Why does me having a WAP offend you? One year, it was bad to have a dry AP." It's a bop people, get over it. And if you need to know whether or not Megan's about to go off on a song, always look for a certain sound. "Just so y'all know, the little 'ah' just solidifies that I'm about to just go off on this," she revealed. Check out all of her answers by watching the full video above.

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