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What Going Makeup Free For 2 Weeks Will Do For Your Skin

POPSUGAR Australia has partnered with La Roche-Posay to protect your skin with the treatment it deserves.

When lockdowns were implemented earlier this year, most our lifestyles changed dramatically. And while we had to press pause on some of our favourite activities, it did present an opportunity to focus on self care and wellness.

I've been working from home for almost three months now with commuting, gym sessions and regular outings have been off the cards (until recently, of course). Amidst all of this, one of the biggest changes made to my daily routine was makeup application.

My go-to, everyday "work" look would generally consist of concealer, foundation, powder, highlighter, blush and mascara. Nothing gets me out of bed like the promise of a fresh highlight sweeping my upper cheek, so for the first few weeks of iso, I continued to keep up my habits, ensuring I tried to maintain some level of normalcy.

I have naturally dry skin so generally when the Winter-chill starts to creep in, combined with the process of makeup application (and removal), it visibly takes a toll.

So, with no iso-birthdays or important events filling my calendar, I decided to socially-distance myself from makeup for two weeks, to give my skin the breather it so desperately needed.

Thinking back, it's probably the longest I've gone without makeup since I was 14 years old, so I was interested to see what I'd unearth in the process. Here's what I learnt . . .

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