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Skincare Interview With Miss Universe Australia Priya Serrao

Who isn't trying to achieve a natural glow? It's the enviable feeling of goodness radiating from the inside-out, giving you the confidence to take on the day and any challenges it throws your way. While we love rounding out any makeup look with a shiny highlighter or spritzing ourselves with our favourite perfume to add that extra bit of spice, feeling like you're glowing all starts from the inside.

Priya Serrao is basically the embodiment of glow — a quick scroll through her glistening Instagram feed is an insight into how positivity radiates throughout everything she does. It's hard not to be swept away by her energy.

In 2019, Priya was crowned with the title of Miss Universe Australia — an incredible feat to achieve as her first-ever dive into the modelling realm. On top of this, in 2019 she was also admitted to the Supreme Court of Victoria, while simultaneously working for the Victorian Government as a policy advisor. Tackling a schedule like this is something most of us could probably only ever dream of attempting, but for Priya, the secret lies in a few things.

After chatting with the 28-year-old powerhouse, it's easy to see how she's able to maintain a confident and enthusiastic radiance, all whilst staying on top of her responsibilities. It all lies in the simple virtues of ensuring she's keeping a sense of self and skincare, all whilst placing value in helping, and fighting for the justice of others.

Here's what she had to say...

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