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How to Keep Your Skin Glowy and Hydrated in Winter

Opinion: Summer is superior to Winter in every way.

It's all about sun-kissed afternoons, trips to the beach and not having to lug around hefty jackets to every outing (adding an extra layer of un-needed hassle, if I do say so myself).

The whole season just exudes an aura of health and carefreeness — it's because that shining goodness we feel during Summer on the inside reverberates on the outside, helping our skin radiate with that glorious, confident glow. Can you tell I'm yearning for that sweet hit of warmer weather right now?

Although Winter does come with its upsides (snuggling up next to a heater or fireplace with a hot choc will never get old), the toll it can take on our skin is undeniable.

Cold winds, increased exposure to air conditioners and even a lack of sunlight exposure can cause our skin to become dry, dull and generally lifeless.

However, there are a few steps we can add to our daily routines to help us maintain that delicious Summer glow year-round.

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