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A Dermatologist On the Most Important Skincare Steps

POPSUGAR Australia has partnered with La Roche-Posay to protect your skin with the treatment it deserves.

Refining a skincare routine that suits you is quite the process.

Picking apart your routine to determine what elements are absolutely essential can be tricky, especially with the allure of new products.

However, recognising exactly what your skin needs and adjusting your routine accordingly, rather than having a trial-and-error approach, is vital to lifelong glow and care.

We know that all skin types are different and therefore require a unique and tailored approach, but when it comes to the basics like moisturising and sun-safety, there are pearls of wisdom we should all adopt.

So, to help you put your skincare routines under the microscope, we spoke to Dermatologist Dr. Cara McDonald about the non-negotiable rules of skincare.

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