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4 Tips For Nailing Winged Eyeliner

POPSUGAR Australia has partnered with Maybelline to help you craft classic beauty looks.

Winged eyeliner is a timeless beauty staple — it's as equal parts edgy as it is gorgeous and can elevate any eyeshadow look from simple to complete glam.

The only downside? It's one of the toughest looks to nail. Getting the wing completely straight without any botches is a military-grade test in precision, and if you've tried many times but still experience the struggle, you are definitely not alone!

Since masks are our new normal now, eye-makeup looks are getting some serious love. A dewy face with a simple, thin wing is an everyday mask-friendly staple, while playing it up with a shiny, pigmented shadow, along with highlighter, is the perfect night-time look.

Maddy from Euphoria took the look to the next level in so many ways, Adele has been a long time wearer of the classic wing, and Lady Gaga's sharp neon eyeliner has been a staple throughout her Chromatica cycle. We guarantee you'll be able to pull it off with these three easy tips that'll help you nail the look, even with shaky, nervous hands.

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